Electric Frankenstein – “Used To Know / “Imperial Void” – Review

Electric Frankenstein

“Used To Know” / “Imperial Void” (Victory)
by Jon Sarre

Here’s a band with more records out than yer ever gonna own, even guitarist Sal Canzonieri has to think a second when the question’s raised, but he’d doubtlessly agree that any one of these three would be fine additions to yer singles collection. The Junk offering’s been floating around a while and features former EF frontman Scott Wilkins on the dayjob complaint A-side and Crime cover flip. Victory’s four sides showcase “guest” vocals by punk-before-some-of-you-whippersnappers-were-even-born Rik L. Rik (current [also ex] shouter Steve Miller must’ve been on vacation, or somethin’). All are patented EF: tight, over-amped, powerful, damn-near majestic even. Frankenstein, after all, was no weak-ass monster.