The Weaklings – “Motorvatin'” – Review

The Weaklings

“Motorvatin” (Junk)
by Jon Sarre

At their best they out-rock the New Bomb Turks, and that’s sayin’ lots cuz they’ve changed line-ups more times than anyone I know cares to remember. This stuff is no-frills, low tech and high energy, played by sons of Iggy who grew up thinkin’ Raw Power would sound better if it was played really fast. “Four More Reasons” knocks ya out with the flat-out poundin’ breakneck originals. “Motorvatin'” is Hanoi Rocks swerving down the streets of the Bowery no hands on the wheel cuz they got ’em down her pants. “Janie Jones” is more or less similar notes bein’ played as the original with Bradley Shaver substituting a fake English accent for Joe Strummer’s fake Jamacian. The football terrace chants of “Clampdown” save the side, though.