Fifteen – Lucky – Review


Lucky (Sub City/ Hopeless)
by Tim Den

Punk rock needs Fifteen. Fuck that: the world needs Fifteen. Not only because they play punk rock with more honesty than your local minister (theoretically, OK? Use your imagination.), or because they write some damn poppy/catchy tunes, or care about society and its problems – the world needs Fifteen because they embody all of the above, and they’re willing to die fighting for the things you take for granted. With attention to disease, government corruption, and friendship loyalty, Fifteen takes on everything this world doesn’t want to deal with. They speak in no-bullshit, clear-as-day verses about how we can help each other out, how justice should be served, and how one must utilize one’s voice in order to be heard. Fifteen also supports the cause of Judi Bari and the Redwood Summer Justice Program (trial between Earth First! members and the FBI), donating 50% of Lucky‘s layout and 5% of its gross profit as a sign of support. That’s putting your money where your mouth is. These guys deserve every ounce of our respect as a long-lasting band and an outspoken group of artists with integrity rarely valued in this modern day.
(PO Box 7459 Van Nuys, CA 91409)