The Cost – Review

The Cost

(Bad Monkey)
by Tim Den

Weird, spastic noisecore interlaced with surf and Middle Eastern melodies here and there. The vocals are typical noisecore: Throat-bleeding screeches with some trading off, while the chaos level is on par with most of the genre. There are a few surprises, though, particularly the old-school punk rock cover of “Captain America” (originally by The Nitwits) and the clean-guitar pickings of “Some Bunnies are Faster Than Others.” The best thing about this CD, however, is the hilarious “Those Who Opposed Us Will Wallow Knee Deep in the Blood of Their Children.” Besides the crazy yelling and instrumental shredding that makes up the song, it’s the funniest title this side of Anal Cunt.
(473 North St. Oakland, CA 94609)