Bigwig – Stay Asleep – Review


Stay Asleep… (Kung Fu)
by Scott Hefflon

Both Bigwig and 30footFall bailed from Fearless, huh? 30footFall went to Nitro, which makes sense, and Bigwig are now on Kung Fu. Maybe Fat doesn’t sign bands that sound like old NOFX and The Bouncing Souls? There are riffs here that’re NOFX leftovers, and I bring up The Bouncing Souls mostly cuz their both from New Jersey and neither singer can really sing. But BS has been impressing me more and more (check out their cover of “Don’t You Forget About Me” on Before You Were Punk2).

Trouble with Stay Asleep… is that they seem to be trying too hard to show how far they’ve come. My favorite from the last record was the last song, “The Girl in the Green Jacket,” although most of ’em hit the mark, due to pure charm. As JCCC says, “either you got it or you don’t,” and Bigwig got it in there somewhere, they’re just trying too hard. Sure, they’re anthems here, but they were intentionally written to be anthems, dig?
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