Cinema Beer Belly – Review

Cinema Beer Belly

by Scott Hefflon

A few pleasant surprises here… Not your usual punk rock compilation or label sampler, not only are there the standard big names and mediocre bands that the label wants you to know about, there’re some bands that you’d not expect to find here, yet when you think about it, hell, they make sense as a logical extension. And that’s a good thing – who wants to be handed exactly what they want, or what they think they want? A little, “Huh?” goes a long way…

Bands in the belly of the beast: Mustard Plug, Sick of it All, AFI, The Weakerthans, Superchunk, Bad Religion, The Strike, Scared of Chaka, Man or Astroman, Melvins, The OC Supertones, Frenzal Rhomb, Nicotine, Diesel Boy, Samiam, Digger, Alkaline Trio, Gameface, Pinhead Circus, and The Queers.
(PO Box 7495 Van Nuys, CA 91409)