Planes Mistaken For Stars – Appleseed Cast – Race Car Riot – Split – Review

Planes Mistaken For Stars/Appleseed Cast/Race Car Riot

Split (Deep Elm)
by Tim Den

What a great idea. Three terrific bands, one small-yet-sweet package. This ensures you’ll never get tired of the record (with almost every song changing authors kinda like a mix tape), and that there’s something for everyone. “Staggerswallowswell” showcases the trademark screaming/rough-around-the-edges indie rock of Planes Mistaken For Stars, as introspective as it is damaging in its abrasive heaviness. And while the three songs offered by Race Car Riot are also great in their “sometimes poppy, sometimes weird instrumental” formula, the essence of this split definitely lies in Appleseed Cast. Offering up “Tale of the Aftermath” and “Remedios the Beautiful” (the former being the conclusion of the story told by their debut full-length, The End of the Ring Wars), Appleseed Cast reminds everyone that storytelling and conceptual lyric-writing is still a vital art form. The well-strung plot behind The End of the Ring Wars that’s carried over to this EP makes the two songs here that much fuller and more effective. In return, the sadness that this band has patented transfers even more power over the speakers. Like gospels that bring the congregation to their feet, the songs of Appleseed Cast rally up emotions like a spiritual cowboy rounding up your pitiful little feelings.

You should get this just for the effectiveness of a three-way split with three great bands. If you still have your doubts, here’s the bottom line: get this if only for Appleseed Cast. Do it.
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