The Paper Champions – End.Transmission – Review

thepaperchampions200The Paper Champions

End.Transmission (Reason Y)
by Tim Den

Funny, I never thought an emo-ish post-hardcore EP inspired by Amelia Earhart and donning a Snapcase album title could be this intensely affective. But as they proved on their debut, Weekend of Compromise, The Paper Champions are the exception and not the rule. After a year of writing, playing, and obvious growth, the band have refined their craft even further, now sounding more like Look Up and Live-era Someday I mixed with The Chase Theory. Heavier, less melodramatic, and tasteful dynamics without losing the immediacy of the genre. The catchiness will lure in the younger crowd, but the quality of the substance will please the older, jaded (ha!) cynics as well.

Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance, and whichever band your girlfriend is blowing behind your back have got nothing on The Paper Champions. So get with it!