The Hammertoes – Review

The Hammertoes

by Jamie Kiffel

At the Lombardo Lounge in 1940s Vegas, nicotine-mellowed vocals with a twist of Spanish classical guitar make the red-lit bar so oily-smooth it could only stand for a singer with a Bryll-creemed pompadour and sequined, pale blue tux. Hammertoes‘ “Minnie the Moocher” sound will take you to that special mid-West lounge along with a few mentions of devils, dice and vodka that recall the Reverend Horton Heat (without those lubricious electrics) and Lars Vegas (without those licentious lyrics). Mischievous violins and charmingly slithery clarinets evoke machismo of pool rooms past while playful salsa rhythms, major key tango and a surprising classical Arabic rhythm all spice up the mix – though rarely with anything as bold as cayenne. Still great for popping into the stereo, sliding over on that red Naugahyde couch of yours and raising your date’s eyebrows a notch.
(1132 Alamede Tucson, AZ 85745)