The Chase Theory – Scrapbook – Review

The Chase Theory

by Tim Den

The Chase Theory is a wet dream for a guy like me. Dreamy in its emotions, smooth in its playing, melodic in its pop-sensible vocals… what else can you ask for? This band is the best of many worlds – indie rock, pop, emo – all blended evenly together and held by jazz chops and textures. These independent musicians know how to play, that’s for sure. And they know how to sing and write solid melody lines, too (not commercial, boring, sing-alongs either. Authentic pop melodies). Somebody sign these kids already!! Because, before you know it, they’re going to be picked up and made the Next Big Thing in the mainstream. Kudos for the production as well: making a rock album as dynamic and warm as a prog jazz album is no small feat. One minor complaint: not enough momentum, like “Pharaohs and Kings” on last year’s Emo Diaries III (on Deep Elm) compilation. Just a tad more “umph” will surely be the final step to perfection.