The Causey Way – With Loving and Open Arms – Review

The Causey Way

With Loving and Open Arms (Alternative Tentacles)
by Jon Sarre

This is silly, as anything consisting of equal parts Servatron (or maybe Devo) and the Church of the Subgenius (which may explain Devo, tho’ Jim Jones has the distinction of being both funnier and scarier) doubtlessly has to be, pretty much by definition. “No folks, we’re not really a cult, but that’s the gimmick we’re hoping to use to get our goofy, amped-up new wave/age schtick some notice.” Yeah, the cult-trappings are the only interesting thing about The Causey Way, and even then, they never really get around to explaining just what the Causey Way is. The joke seems kinda unformed beyond the armbands and vacant stares of the “faithful” pictured in the CD booklet. That and the compound in Florida. Ha Ha.