The Catheters – Review

The Catheters

by Jon Sarre

Not simply “cool for a buncha kids” (everyone in the damn band is a teenager, or sumptin’), the Catheters are just plain cool. In fact, with maybe the exception of The Murder City Devils, Zeke, The Gimmicks, or RC5, these young ‘uns are the best band goin’ in Seattle these days. Who knows how good they’ll get by the time they’re old enough to buy beer (if they stick together that long)? Hell, they got their chops straight offa Dead Boys and New York Dolls records, both of whom were long gone before they were even born, never mind gettin’ beat up for their lunch money. Who knows if post-high school life’n’college’n’stuff is gonna corrupt ’em from the “life seen thru the eyes of The Ramones” world view they got, but for the time being, “Teenage Trash” and “The Kids Know How to Rock” are gonna appeal to the alienated adolescent in us all.