A Fistful of Rock N’ Roll – Vol. 2 – Review

A Fistful of Rock N’ Roll

Vol. 2 (Tee Pee)
by Craig Regala

You know that live Kinks double LP where Ray Davies hollars “rock bands will come and rock bands will go, but rock’n’roll’s gonna live forever!”? Well, Sal Canzonieri heard him. Hell, Sal probably whispered it in Ray’s ear, then kicked his ass and told him not to forget it. There’ll be more — kinda like Deep Elm’s emo comps or the Pebbles series if history was defined as today — so start buying because they’re solid song-by-song and a cohesive package that works up a pile of steam fore to aft. You’ll have faves, but no let-downs. If you saw the New Bomb Turks/ Zen Geurilla/ Hellacopters/ Supersuckers tour last year, you’ll know what he’s carrying on about.

As Executive Producer, Sal puts his money (or Tee Pee’s — ‘e’s smart too) where his aesthetic is. What is that lofty goal? To support and continue to spark the current kick-ass punk rock’n’roll scene As He Defines It. So what’s that? He trots it out in extensive liner notes defining these bands in line with the rock’n’roll continuum that includes but is not limited to “punk rock.” SO: chuck anything that kicks out the rockin’ jams into a big pile, grind it up, and call it the mulch for this bunch of bands. AC/DC, Ramones, The Damned, Rose Tattoo, Black Flag, Motörhead, Iron fuckin’ Maiden (whom Sal’s band, Electric Frankenstein, has covered for MeteorCity’s ace two-CD Maiden tribute), roots rock craziness, wild-ass ’60s garage punk, assorted late ’60s/early ’70s nuts, Granicus, Sir Lord Baltimore, Bang, Dust, the fallout from the Stones/Yardbirds seed (NY Dolls, Aerosmith, Silverhead, and the eternal fountain of youth, Dee-troit Rock City circa 1970 — you know, the place the Nuge, Grand Funk, and The Alice Cooper Band called home). These bands don’t follow genre convention, they use the stuff listed as fuel and barrel ahead like a big cunt-hungry bulldozer fulla speed, Viagra, and booze, looking at a mountain of Earth. Fresh Earth. In a Catholic school girl’s skirt. Holding a Les Paul. With an L7 tattoo, Devil Dogs’ LP, and tickets to Sweden to see the Glucifer/Backyard Babies “Free Beer Forever” fest.

Vol. 1. Gaza Strippers, Electric Frankenstein, Rocket City Riot, Candy Snatchers, B-Movie Rats, RC5, Mullins, Action Swingers, Nutra Jet, El Diablo, Zeke, Mud City Manglers, Downside Special, Pizzle, and the Bell Rays.

Vol. 2. Supersuckers, Snake Charmers, Haunted Head, La Donnas, Jakkpot, Silver Tongued Devils, Dead Man’s Choir, Feerless Leader, Pilsner, Chickenhawks, Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs, Easy Action, Iron Boss, Dexateens, and Jones Crusher.
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