Grief – And Man Will Become the Hunted – Review


…And Man Will Become the Hunted (Pessimisser)
by Scott Hefflon

I’ve reviewed every Grief record I’ve gotten, and every review reads the same. Just like every Grief record sounds the same. Slow, heavy, ugly, mean, hateful, and very, very long. If you think Eyehategod and all that New Orleans swamp dirge metal is cool but just plain too fast and cheerful, try Grief. They live up to their name. (Geographical note: Grief is one of the few sludge bands not from New Orleans, but they recently moved to Lynn, MA, one of the most unpicturesque towns in New England, so maybe that’s it. I think they used to live in Lowell.)
(PO Box 1070 Hermosa Beach, CA 90254)