The Gamits – Endorsed By You – Review

The Gamits

Endorsed By You (Suburban Home)
by Scott Hefflon

By this time in music history, it’s pretty useless to try and describe why one band is of value and another is not. Music is supposed to engage you, push you, pull you, affect you in some way. Luckily, personal tastes are all over the map (not to mention a lot of people don’t like to think very hard and buy into the simple trends that’re placed before them — but let’s not get into that again, huh?), and so we have vanfuls of mediocre bands, each effecting a small segment of the populace, and the rest are interchangeable, ignorable, or just plain shitty.

Without being able to back up my opinion without making this review sound like every piece of other fawning trash you’ve read trying to glean some kind of useful info, The Gamits are just plain better. They have the god-given knack for writing melodies you hear and say, “Ya know, I don’t think I’ve heard it put quite that way before.” By this late date, that’s fuckin’ ingenious songwriting. Sometimes, sure, there are passible songs to fill the spaces between gems you’ll play to death, but again, seeing as tastes are different, some punkpop fans’ll probably dig the stuff I think is kinda dull. And while I like Weezer, I rather dislike bands that ape their style and sound. So like Randy, another pop-littered manic’n’melodic punk band who’ve yet to grace the covers of mags that are supposed to lead, yet end up following (and quite far behind, to be honest), The Gamits are a nearly-unknown collection of great songwriters and musicians in a genre most have thought devoid of progress for some time.