Earthless – From the Ages – Review


From the Ages (Tee Pee Records)
release date: 10/8/2013
by Scott Hefflon

First rec in six years, and it’s a doozie! This instrumental trio is heavy blues jam, first and foremost, with space, Sabbath, and psychedelia flavors added to the meaty stew. While there are only four songs, two clock in at a wink under 15 minutes, one tops out at 5 minutes, and the closer title track gives itself over 30 minutes of breathing room. “Violence Under The Red Sea” never feels like filler. From the opening solo and strolling riff (well, it’s a brisk stroll), there are fills at every turn from every instrument, pounding here, weaving feedback and wah-wah there, and grooves so deep, it’s truly a wonder these guys can navigate them, together, in perfect unison, at such speeds. To seemingly never repeat yourself, to never seem dragged out, and to consistently engage the listener (sometimes amaze, sometimes simply getting the steady nod of approval), that’s what good blues jamming is all about. And Earthless are all about it.