Lolita Storm – G-F-S-U – Review

Lolita Storm

by Scott Hefflon

Ever wonder what cotton candy girl-group frolicking would sound like Digital Hardcore-style? Me neither, but here’s the answer. Like cheerleading Spice Girls yelling and group-singing distorted out of control and set to beats that’ll make ya dance like a spastic, speed-popping, latex-clad Freak®, Lolita Storm are a British “sensation” with the true punk spirit: Destroy convention, miss notes and don’t care cuz the feeling’s there, scribble lyrics and song titles, and use semi-political/erotic collages that may or may not make a “statement,” but look cool regardless. Noisy (natch), pretty diverse in the beat department and quick to get a point across and move on (most songs between 1-2 minutes). Girls Fucking Shit Up is a much-needed reaction to the empty-headed Brittany-cloning, and while I sure wouldn’t want this to become a trend, I’m glad to have this 15-song, 25-minute CD to play for people equally disgusted by today’s dance music.
(225 Lafayette St. #608 New York, NY 10012)