Gameface – Always On – Review


Always On (Revelation)
by Tim Den

Even though I’m not happy with the way Gameface has become so commercial-sounding with their last few records, they still sound like they know exactly what they’re doing. With its humble self-analysis (“Anyone can write a song… and this one’s for everyone who hasn’t got a song today/ there’s no sense in keeping it in… but I always feel like singing/ I got a lot of words… I get the urge to write them all down/ and it makes me feel better/ everybody wants to feel better”) and ultra-Alterna Radio hits, Always On is strung together in major key progressions, comin’ atcha restlessly until you’ve memorized every goddamn word. Sure, that kind of manipulation is the sort of thing corporate radio/bands use to reel in the listeners, but it feels right at home with the new, “polished” Gameface tunes. Whether this suits you or not, at least Gameface comes off as confident in being deliberately accessible. Gotta give credit where credit’s due.
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