Until The End – Review

Until The End

(Equal Vision)
by Tim Den

Oh boy… here we go again. My guess is that these two bands are trying to bring back the “glory days” when all hardcore bands discovered palm-muting and dog-bark vocals. What is this, ’92? This stuff didn’t even sound this shitty and cheesy back then… If you thought early Earth Crisis (before they learned how to play), All Out War, and Hatebreed were mind-numbingly boring, you’ll be surprised at how much worse it can get. Metal played by what seems like high school musicians, rigorously pulling out the tri-tones a la new Slayer (barf) while jogging-in-place on the double bass pedals. This is as simple as metalcore gets. PS: Both bands are straight-edge (if you care… I don’t), and Until The End‘s recording is pretty weak compared to Mushmouth‘s.

(331 West 57th St., PMB 472 New York, NY 10019, PO Box 14 Hudson, NY 12534)