Vicious Delite – Review

Vicious Delite

(Triple X)
by Scott Hefflon

Only in L.A. would releasing a full-length by Stephen Pearcy’s new band, Vicious Delight, seem like a good idea. Put it this way, there’s good reason why this is his first domestic release since Ratt (ever heard of Arcade or, what was it, Vertex? Don’t worry, even most who have won’t admit it), and there’s a good reason why he started his own label. And I’d like to bitchslap whoever wrote the bio. Who do they think they’re fooling? I think even CMJ and newspaper “journalists” (the word lobbers who paraphrase bios instead of thinking, which is good cuz most don’t know shit about current music culture anyway) know better than to compare this to “newer metal acts like Pantera and the Step Kings.” Pantera is “new” like Skid Row’s Slave to the Grind is nü metal, and while over half a decade passé, Slave to the Grind wipes this waste of plastic all the way to the used CD store where I’ll get 25¢ for it if I beg.
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