Southport – Nothing is Easy – Review


Nothing is Easy (Go-Kart)
by Tim Den

Ex-Snuff guitarist/founding member Simon didn’t rejoin the band when they reformed for Fat Wreck Chords back in the mid-’90s because he wanted to start his own project. Now that project has finally materialized after years of construction and blue-collar work, and any early Snuff fan will love it. Southport is distinctly English somber punk; the kind of raspy urgency and folklore that built Snuff, Guns N’ Wankers, and Leatherface. Though Simon’s vocals aren’t as potent as those of Duncan or Frankie Stubbs, they still conjure up images of kidney pies being shared by working class lads. I’m becoming a huge fan of this type of raw, emotional punk rock. Its simple anatomy somehow magically embodies all the fatigue, responsibility, and hope for the future that comes with a full day’s work.
(PO Box 20 Prince Street Sta. New York, NY 10012)