And Oceans – Allotropic/Metamorphic – Genesis of Dimorphism – Review

…And Oceans

Allotropic/Metamorphic – Genesis of Dimorphism (Century Media)
by Paul Lee

Plenty of buzz in the metal media and on the Net led me to await the next great avant-black metal band, and I fully expected these Finns to be it. Without a doubt, …And Oceans is excellent, but they don’t twist their black metal into weird enough shapes, like Thorns or Myrksgog. Though …And Oceans have unique song titles and subject matter – “White Synthetic Noise,” “Intelligence Is Sexy,” and “tba in a Silver Box” – the music doesn’t quite match their lyrical imagination.

Since their first releases, The Dynamic Gallery of Thoughts and The Symmetry of O (both on Season of Mist), …And Oceans have added techno/industrial keyboards that would fit well in a Front 242 song. The final track, “New Model World,” is a fully electro-industrial piece that could be played at some of the more deranged dance floors. …And Oceans balance the electronics and atmospherics with ferocious assaults like Marduk. Add crystalline production, courtesy of The Abyss studio, and you have an album that may not advance the art of black metal, but it sure won’t disappoint the addicts of the more melodic mind.
(1453-A 14th St. # 324 Santa Monica, CA 90404)