Hash – Review


by Paul Lee

I hate labels! I despise them! Of course, this is often what writers like myself are forced to use to give the reader a good conceptualization of the music we are reviewing. So here I am, once more telling y’ all about some new auditory stimulus in CD format. So here goes…

They call themselves Hash, and they produce a rock ‘n’ roll stew with plenty of diverse ingredients. Their style is animate. Their message is, well, not exactly deep, but positive, none the less. To describe their sound, I’ll have to use those dreaded labels: Punk, alternative (bleech!), funk, hard rock, country, folk, pop, piano bar – you get the point. Let’s just call it crossover music. This is tuneage to get that positivo-vibe going after shooting up thrasherage for long periods of time. Did I get to the point about how fun they are? [No, we’re still waiting, Paul.] Oh, they are splendid. Trippy, funky, feel good fellows these three are, pumping out this fluid euphony.

This is but a short and sweet review to say these guys have a future. Thus recommended to you from me, go get a copy of Hash’s album without a title. It make you feel good, and it’s legal!