Deicide – In Torment In Hell – Review


In Torment In Hell (Roadrunner)
by Tim Den

Talk about an anti-climactic finish. With their seventh and final record for Roadrunner, Deicide whimpers across the finish line with barely any balls intact. The glorious trickiness and brutality of such classics as Legion and Once Upon the Cross are all but faded memories, now that In Torment in Hell has shown what old age can do to even the greatest of giants. Recorded and mixed in four (!) days, this is apparently Glen & Co.’s attempt at recapturing the “rawness” of their debut. Well, I got news for ya: It ain’t raw; it just plain sucks. All the songs run together in their bland predictability, the performances are lackluster, and the whole thing sounds like an amatuer demo. I stood by Deicide through the ultra-catchy Serpents of the Light (still a great record) and the slow-paced Insineratehymn, but call me an assbag if I’m gonna stand by this piece of junk. It’s over, guys.
(902 Broadway New York, NY 10010)