Fleshies – Kill the Dreamer’s Dream – Review


Kill the Dreamer’s Dream (Alternative Tentacles)
by Jon Sarre

The song titles come off as really promising, if yer like me and know how to read: “(What If We) Arm the Homeless,” “Fat Cop,” “Yes, I’m Starting Shit,” “Shitface,” “You!,” “Locofoco Motherfucker,” “Big Green Teeth,” “Gooba Says There’s No Tomorrow,” “Crimson Dildo,” “DickHolyHalo,” “Led Fuckin’ Zeppelin, Man,” etc; funny as some of the stuff Turbonegro (a name dropped by these guys) came up with. The problem is, the songs don’t quite live up to their titles, in fact, Fleshies kinda suck, no matter what Biafra (a man who spends far too much time on the lecture circuit) says about “what punk rock was supposed to be” (it’s not hangin’ out on college campuses and bitchin’ about the WTO, that’s for sure). Someone, let’s say, for argument’s sake, a good band, should co-opt Fleshies’ identity and use those titles for different, better songs.
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