Monstrosity – Enslaving the Masses – Review


Enslaving the Masses (Conquest)
by Tim Den

A two-disc retrospective from one of death metal’s most underrated old timers. Disc one, or “Crave the Blood,” compiles five remixed tracks off of the Imperial Doom full-length, the entire Horror Infinity debut 7″ (raw and brutal, definitely the highlight of the entire thing. They sure don’t make ’em like they used to), and three Millennium demos (called Slaves and Masters).

Disc two, or “Live: Stages of Decay,” is a 12-song set with shitty production that shows where the band is at today (Monstrosity has changed as many members as Death, it seems). The classics are here, the later but still just as good stuff is here, and as always, the songs are catchy, technical, brutal, and as potent as ever. Monstrosity were an integral part of the Florida death metal scene in the early ’90s, and Enslaving the Masses proves that they still know how to do it right.
(4195 Tamiami Trail #180 Venice, FL 34293)