No-Fi Trash – Review

No-Fi Trash

(Floppy Cow/Suburban Home)
by Tim Den

Holy shit… how’d this label get so many big names on one comp? Oh, the label’s in Switzerland? Well, I guess there goes the competition in Europe, huh? I mean, who’s gonna compete against something that has Lagwagon, The Promise Ring, Hot Water Music, The Get Up Kids, Whippersnapper, Six Going On Seven, Useless I.D., and A New Found Glory on its side? Gorky Park? Even if plenty of generic pop-punk crap comes along for the ride (and there’s plenty of it on this comp), you’ve pretty much captured the underground scene with a line-up like this. Chances are, you know what these bands sound like and you love at least a few of them, so you know what to do (cha-ching!). A platter of the biggest, brightest, and not-so-bright names in independent music, offering multitudes of subgenres to chose from. Warning: Most of the songs on here are previously released. The Masked Animals, Midtown, The Impossibles, The Latrines, No Fun At All, The Anniversary, Death By Stereo, Alister, Sarge, Cooter, The Gamits, Staring Back, The Fairlanes, Co-Ed, Bombshell Rocks, The Adventures Of Jet, The Hippos, No Motiv, Elvis Jackson, Tugboat Annie.
(PO Box 79 3054 Schuepfen Switzerland; PO Box 40757 Denver, CO 80204)