Sixer – Saving Grace – Review


Saving Grace (TKO)
by Jon Sarre

More sore throat street punk ‘cept with a better sense of melody than most’n’a heartfelt debt to older, less fashionable “reactionary” rock’n’roll than Oi fashion runaway posturin’, so for my money, Sixer‘s lots better than mosta their fellows. It’s pretty stripped-down in a good way, and the radio’s playin’ Leer Baker’s favorite song, which makes ya wonder what station he listens to (or mebbe what his favorite song is), or mebbe the radio’s better in Richmond, VA, but mebbe it’s a Rancid song cuz Sixer sorta sounds like Tim’n’Lars minus the affected English accents’n’Op Ivy hangover ska moments. When they throw in harp licks (“Tear It Down”) and acoustic guitars (“Don’t Ask Why”), they break outta the uni-dimension most bands like this work in, which, y’know, isn’t always a good thing, but Sixer seems to know how to work it in. Just to break stuff up.
(4104 24th St #103 San Francisco, CA 94114)