Sumerland – Sivo – Review


Sivo (Middle Pillar)
by DJ Arcanus

Although they are not, as the name may imply, making the music of the ancient Sumerians; there is still an archaic feel to Sumerland. The music composition goes well with the subject matter of the lyrics. Sivo recounts a story of life, death, and rebirth and is strung together with reoccurring instrumental themes. The percussions symbolize the qualities of nature while the rest of the music and vocals talk about men and gods above. “Zarathustra” begins softly like a calm tide along the seaside. As the song builds, the percussive tide becomes turbulent, eventually creating a climatic tidal wave of sound and fury. “Glorious” introduces Dorien Campbell’s deep vocals to the mystical waves. His voice adds incredible depth to the songs with his lyrics and ritualistic tones that invoke the gods from their slumber. Next comes a journey into dreams where the eternal resting place is remembered. It is hoped that this dream from the bleak world will continue for all eternity. There is a return to the dream later, but it is darker and appears to be turning into a nightmare. This is followed by “Mother Earth,” which begins immediately with heavy percussions and frantic guitars. As in the first track, nature comes to remind us that though it has been gentle, it is also not a force to be trifled with.