Speed Limit 140 BPM+: The New Era – Review

Speed Limit 140 BPM+: The New Era

by DJ Arcanus

If you’re looking for some innovative techno that pushes the limits and takes you to another plane of existence, look elsewhere – unless you’re already there, in which case you’re probably at a rave and won’t notice how long you’ve been listening to this one song that goes on for an hour before another one-hour song comes on. Slipmatt did the mixing and chooses songs that are all between 142 to 148 BPM, although he neglected to do much in the way of beat matching. Instead, Mr. Slipmatt seems more interested in making sure the first vocal sample or loud beat comes in exactly after the last beat of the previous song. Although done very well, even a chimp with a little talent can do that – no props, no mad skillz.

The tracks Slipmatt mixed together are all run-of-the-mill techno and akin to an amateur set at a rave. The songs that overuse samples – especially the vocal ones – detract from the steady groove. The best examples of this are MR vs Tweek‘s “Freaky Fukas” and Dil ‘N’ Doe‘s “Da Bass.” Because of the generic feel of Speed Limit 140 BPM+: The New Era, it’s best used for background music at home. It’s basically mindless, and could serve as a good work distraction. Other artists include: Journey Man DJ, Vinyalgroover, Digital Science, Billy Bunter vs MC Duke, The Pranksters, Tet-Lee, Un-Muted, Idential II, Mutz Nuttz, Steve Johnson, Malarky, and Acid Steve.