Brand New Sin – Review

Brand New Sin

(Now Or Never)
by Adrian Bromley

Some out there are not impressed with Brand New Sin‘s debut, the reason being that the band is comprised of ex-Godbelow members who’ve shed their abrasive hardcore edge in exchange for turning up the amps and rocking out. It isn’t that hard to trace their sound back to the good ol’ days of ’70s anthemic rock, but they still have the edge of today’s metal scene. I’m digging it, especially songs like “Judgement Day” and “My World.” It’s a unique signing to the predominantly hardcore/noisecore label, but a move that’s a step in the right direction to bring more diversity to the label. Don’t listen to the naysayers, crank this up and rock out!
(61 Riordan Place Shrewsbury, NJ 07702)