Audio Karate – Space Camp – Review

Audio Karate

Space Camp (Kung Fu)
by Emily Joyce

Space Camp is typical pop punk at its catchiest, but is noteworthy for its strong songwriting and heartfelt lyrical styling, as heard on “Rosemead” and “Halfway Decent.” Demos of those songs got Audio Karate signed to Kung Fu. Singer Art Barrios ran into Kris Roe, lead singer of The Ataris, at a show and handed him a demo, much like Roe’s own beginning (The Ataris were signed after The Vandals’ bassist and Kung Fu Records owner Joe Escalante heard their perfected pop punk craft).

Heavily influenced by The Ataris, Social Distortion, The Vandals, and NOFX, Audio Karate’s stories of youth, bitter heartbreak, and emotional upheavals as told through fast-paced beats, steady guitar riffs, and harmonies.
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