Lost City Angels – Review

Lost City Angels

by Scott Hefflon

With a more punk rock-roots sound and style, Lost City Angels‘ debut is surprisingly flat. Produced by Nate Albert of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and having shared stages with them, Social D, The Living End, and River City Rebels, you’d kinda expect it to sound more dangerous, seeing as it’s got hard-hitting drums, gonzo solos, snarling melodic vocals, and rhythms that’re sometimes more Stooges dark swagger than Pennywise Calipunkpop, ya know?

Very telling is that they opened for Andrew WK and Flogging Molly, playing after Allister. See? This being their debut, and phrases like “jumped on as producer” and “rushed into the studio” worked into the bio, perhaps word spreading about their rawkus live show and more time in the studio will bring out a harder side of these heavily-tattooed rockers. Give us more charging, anthemic rockers like “You Think You’re Alone?” and “Another Beaten Soul” over the Weezer/Nerf Herder roll of “If You Go.” The other mp3 on Nitro’s site, “Edge of 21,” is far more representative of the two available. Yeah, that’s a good one…
(7151 Warner Ave. F-736 Huntington Beach, CA 92647)