A Wilhelm Scream – Ruiner – Review

February 3, 2006

If you’re 16 and pissed at your parents, A Wilhelm Scream make sense. Anthemic, fist-pumping choruses? Metal as fuck riffs? Self-loathing lyrics? Check ’em all.

The Aquabats – Charge – Review

June 1, 2005

Never much cared for this goofy skapunk band, and catering to the “the kids like Casios” crowd just makes them even more loathesome. Proceed with caution.

Rufio – MCMLXXXV (1985) – Review

October 22, 2003

They don’t bring anything new to the genre that they’re so clearly trying to fit into, and they don’t even excel at doing basic poppy-punk, which isn’t hard.

Rufio – Review

September 3, 2003

Simultaneously combine fast and intricate guitar work with hard-fisted drums and the honest voice of Scott Sellers, creating a perfect recipe to sell records.

Original Sinners – Review

January 10, 2003

Exene’s latest project, the Original Sinners, are like “X for beginners.” The band is tighter than X was, and certainly has more musical tricks up its sleeve.

Lost City Angels – Review

January 3, 2003

Give us more charging, anthemic rockers like “You Think You’re Alone?” and “Another Beaten Soul” over the Weezer/Nerf Herder roll of “If You Go.”

Guttermouth – Gorgeous – Review

September 1, 1999

The same manic energy, but the rhythms sound familiar and the lyrics just aren’t as funny as they useta be. But there are a few soon-to-be classics.

Deep Thoughts – Review

April 1, 1999

Twenty-two songs, 50+ minutes of punk mayhem, plus a few history lessons and unreleased tracks for those who need extra incentive.

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