I Love Bacon – Review

I Love Bacon

by Chad Van Wagner

Hell, who doesn’t? Aside from having possibly the greatest name in history, I Love Bacon is the kind of place to kill about six hours or so. Pictures and jokes, nothing but pictures and jokes. Lots and lots of ’em.

Much like Punchbaby, I Love Bacon seems to be a lightning rod of silliness, as people simply send in pictures of weird-ass road signs, posters, anything that caught their eye. As a document of just how off the world can be while in the act of simple communication, this is a perfect place. What, pray tell, was the person who put up the church sign that says “Flying Pigs Who Run With Jesus Always Bring Home The Bacon” thinking?

There’s no elaboration for any of these quickie pics, and there doesn’t need to be. Just click through and let the inanity wash over you. Why would someone think they could attract customers with a sign advertising smoked beef rectum? Why name a chinese restaurant House of Poon? If you think too hard, you’ll get a headache, but fortunately, you can move on the next one, and marvel anew.