Homesick For Space – Unison – Review

Homesick For Space

Unison (Lakeshore)
by Tim Den

Sigur Ros, meet your American counterpart. Although Homesick For Space are more inclined to write song-based compositions rather than stretched-out soundscapes, no other American band has been able to capture the icy warmth and detached intimacy (beautiful contradictions that must be heard to be understood) that the Icelandic outfit perfected. Unison is full of Rhodes on vibrato, crooning falsettos, and echo-y arpeggios, summoning hope and comfort through sparse, tranquil odes to sadness. Cuz, like so many of “mope rock”‘s best, Homesick For Space’s sombre music isn’t meant to drag you down, it’s meant to provide you with encouragement through loving waves of soothing sound.
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