Emok – Crumbs – Review


by Scott Hefflon

Emok might be considered just another unsigned loud rock band (borderline metal to people who don’t know how to use the term correctly), but for all the distortion and Helmet stutter (and occasional lapses into loathsome rapping), the band has ragged’n’torn clatter which speaks of urban conflict, self-preservation, and an honest, no-bullshit perspective of the world we live in. Story has it, the band fled their homeland of northern Israel to avoid mandatory military service, landing in ever-cheerful New York. Opening tracks “Guilt” and “Trust” set the stage: Pounding, gritty, and bass-heavy (people seem to reference Shellac in the first 60 seconds), and vocally, there’s an intonation quite distinct and memorable… Not your usual hardcore bark or metal roar. Not as “holy shit” as System Of A Down or anything, of course, but new and exciting, like the first time you heard Rage ATM or Helmet, before you realized that’s ALL they could do. Interesting and unique, keep an eye on Emok.