Jim Martin – Milk and Blood – Review

Jim Martin

Milk and Blood (Deadline)
by Scott Hefflon

What the FUCK?!? How did this vanity project ever get released without someone saying, “Jim, you gotta be kidding me, this fuckin’ sucks.” Jim Martin is the ex-guitarist of Faith No More (God, I miss them), and his name appears more in the credits of this pile of dogshit than I’ve ever seen one name appear anywhere (aside from my name in this mag, but let’s not go there, huh?). He wrote, produced, engineered, art directed, and photographed — Hey Jim, if no one else’ll help ya on the project, maybe they’re trying to tell ya something! Most of the songs sound like the choppy/stompy White Zombie thing, only without that certain “I don’t know what” that makes them special. The rest, hell, I don’t know what he’s after, but I kinda doubt he achieved it, seeing as I’ve heard demos by shit local bands that sound better than this. While the pubpunk “Navigator” is pretty fun, it’s mostly in comparison to how much everything else stinks up the joint. “Fatso’s World” is co-written by Metallica’s Jason Newsted (musta been while absolutely loaded, cuz the guy can write), but it doesn’t matter. And his version of the FNM classic “Surprise (You’re Dead)”? Well, I made it 40 seconds in before hitting eject and breaking the CD into pieces… Hey, some kid might find it, and I don’t want to be responsible.