The Electric Hellfire Club – Electronomicon – Review

The Electric Hellfire Club

Electronomicon (Cleopatra)
by Wa

Electronomicon is King Diamond meets cyberpunk, a glorious rollercoaster ride of electro death rock and self-proclaimed Satanic excess. The story of the Electronomicon is a twist of sorts on the ancient story of H.P. Lovecraft’s The Necronomicon and William Gibson’s Neuromancer. Both act as near bibles for followers of alternative lifestyles. Electronomicon serves as a bridge between these seemingly diverse ideas.

Recorded in Sweden, the grand home of the European death metal movement, Electronomicon features contributions by selected members of such well-known death metal acts as Dark Funeral, Pain/Hypocrisy, and In Aeturnum. Their contributions are seamless, adding depth to an already large canvas of sound.

Favorites include the explosive tracks “Wired in Blood,” “Sons of the Serpent,” “Hypochristian,” and “Whores of Babylon.” Thorn is a man haunted by his desire and pleasured by his guilt. From this introspection, he’s written some incredibly intelligent lyrics that please both the mind and body.

Electronomicon is a delightful excess of extreme sex, ultra-violence, and blunt honesty. The Electric Hellfire Club has quite successfully created a very cool metal record.
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