The Business – Hardcore Hooligan – Review

The Business

Hardcore Hooligan (BYO)
by Duke Crevanator

I’ve always been pretty selective when it comes to the whole Oi! genre. The dumb-ass meathead classic “follower” types are too abundant for me to really enjoy it. Going to shows just seems to have too much potential for a misanthropy attack as well. When it comes to The Business, however, it’s a whole different story.

I kinda had a feeling I was gonna love Hardcore Hooligan before I even listened to it. Ya see, every song on this record is about football. No, not American football, rather what us Yanks call “soccer.” Back in my more unenlightened days, I’d probably be like many Americans and scoff at such a concept. But back in 2000, I was in Portugal when said country defeated Italy to advance to the semifinals of the Euro Cup. Believe me when I say I’m quite accomplished at partyin’, but my Portuguese brethern (I am Portuguese, after all) opened me up to a whole new realm. Being invited to jump on the hood of a stranger’s car whilst slugging a bottle of wine to haul ass around the 17th century village square is quite the cultural experience. Especially when the local cops hop on the hood with me and help me with my bottle.

As for the music, it’s classic Business material. Very well done hardcore/Oi, with some pretty damn funny lyrics to go along with it. Perfectly made for full volume blasting at your next drunken beer bash, even if you hate soccer or sports in general. Kudos to the Business for doing a “theme” album that actually kicks ass. But just so you know, when it comes to the next Euro Cup, and World Cup for that matter, Portugal is my team.
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