Deadwater Drowning – Review

Deadwater Drowning

(Black Market Activities)
by Adrian Bromley

New Hampshire’s Deadwater Drowning doesn’t hold back on this five-song EP. It’s straight to business, and I like it. With a technical death metal edge, hardcore drive, and grindcore intensity, the band kicks things into motion with the opening track “Sleepwalking with a Knife” and steamroll over you from there on out. This EP has the qualities and drive to crossover into multiple genres, should music fans give it a chance. One of the best songs I’ve heard in a while – with shades of Drowningman – has to be “The Best Sex I Ever Had Started with a 900 Number and Credit Card Verification.” Scary shit that made my cat run from the room. Too bad these guys recently called it quits, as they indeed showed promise.