Wing Music – Review

Wing Music

by Chad Van Wagner

In the grand tradition of Mrs. Miller, I present Wing.

There’s really very little to say about Wing herself, as such. She’s a Chinese-born woman who currently resides in New Zealand. Her albums (there are six as of this writing) are, shall we say, amateurish. Yes, let’s stick with “amateurish.” This is an “Incredibly Strange Music” type site, but there’s a little more going on here.

Wing herself – strangely, for this kind of thing – seems to realize that she’s no Aretha Franklin (or even Karen Carpenter. Yes, there’s a Carpenters album). Which is where it gets interesting: Listen to the samples on her site, and after the snickers die down, think about it. She knows she can’t carry a tune in a bag, but she keeps on anyway. Keeping this in mind, listen again.

I admit, this is a pretty bizarre website review, in that it reviews the person behind it, rather than the pages contained therein. But listen to this woman warbling, and realize that, despite what you’re hearing, she’s STILL GOING, and that she’s just doing it because she wants to, hecklers be damned. Which means she has balls bigger than me, you, and two-thirds of the Western world. All irony aside, seriously, I’m keeping an eye on Wing.