Maritime – Glass Floor – Review


Glass Floor (DeSoto)
by Tim Den

Senseless was the man who didn’t love Wood/Water, The Promise Ring’s subdued flower of a swansong. Aaaawwww, poor baby, was it too smart for you? An adult pool too deep for kiddie schnucums? Well, you’re in luck, cuz ex-TRP boys Davey von Bohlen and Dan Didier have teamed up with ex-The Dismemberment Plan bassist Eric Axelson for Maritime, a “best of both worlds” blend of Very Emergency‘s pop bounce and Wood/Water‘s laidback “chill out, dude” easy-going-ness.

Problem is, the songs aren’t as good as the description sounds. Cuz although every track hops and skips along with finger-scratching-child’s-chin cuteness, there’re rarely MAGNIFICENT moments where the ground gives way to melodic revelations. “Becoming One Anything One Time,” “Half Year Sun,” and “My Life Is at Home” from Wood/Water are all perfect examples of how Glass Floor could’ve (and should’ve) turned out, yet for some reason didn’t. Major bummer, especially since the album is sonically gorgeous (J. Robbins at it again!).

Not that you should skip Glass Floor altogether. The digestibility certainly lends itself to hanging out on the porch during hot summer days and making out lakeside. So by all means, love it cuz it’s so damn easy to love. I, however, would’ve preferred either more of a challenge or more of a payoff.