Malevolent Creation – Warkult – Review

Malevolent Creation

Warkult (Nuclear Blast)
by Tim Den

Malevolent Creation always follow up a good album with a bad one. Warkult is the tails to The Will to Kill‘s heads, as it numbingly goes through the motions song after song about war, being in war, how war kills people, etc. The Will to Kill‘s stunning production is gone, replaced by an Envenomed (itself the negative to The Fine Art of Murder‘s positive) level of dead drums and garage guitars. All the riffs blend together, with predictable tempos and monotonous grinds putting the listener to sleep by song three. Not until “Ravaged by Conflict” toward the end do the band really play like they mean it, menacingly choking palm mutes and skittering rhythms like they were Cryptopsy. I really should know better by now, but The Will to Kill was so frighteningly intimidating that I thought maybe the band could succeed it with style. Again, I was proven wrong.