The Polyphonic Spree – Together We’re Heavy – Review

The Polyphonic Spree

Together We’re Heavy (Hollywood)
by Evan Solochek

The Polyphonic Spree is one of the most devastatingly unique bands I’ve ever encountered. While so many new bands are scraping to find some tiny nuance of music or fashion that has yet to be done just for the sake of being original (adding a violin to an emo/punk band or a frat-metal band fronted by a female), I get the sense that The Polyphonic Spree is more than just a gimmick. For some reason, I feel that Tim DeLaughter (Tripping Daisy) and his merry band of thirty or so gypsies with their long colorful robes are genuine and unpretentious, which is an admittedly odd assertion, since they boast a stage show reminiscent of a religious revival or, rather, an Andrew Lloyd Weber musical.

However, looking past all the spectacles and accessories, The Polyphonic Spree is nothing more than a quirky indie-pop band, akin to The Flaming Lips or The Unicorns. Their songs are bouncy Queen-like orchestrated pop that are uplifting and energetic and wholly infectious. Upon receiving Together We’re Heavy in my stack of to-be-reviewed albums, I thought, Oh great, that weird cult band. However, as soon as I clicked my CD tray closed and pushed play, my ignorant prejudices were erased. While undeniably eccentric, The Polyphonic Spree just want to have fun and brighten their audience’s day. With optimistic choral chants of “You gotta be good/you gotta be strong” pouring out of my speakers, I was converted, or possibly, brainwashed. Either way, I was happy.