Which Would Jesus Do? – Review

website-whichwouldjesusdo1Which Would Jesus Do?

by Chad Van Wagner

Sacrilege is always funny. The only way I could think that it wouldn’t be funny is if you were some suburban Goth kid who prayed to the inverted goat or something, in which case it would be HILARIOUS. A friend of mine made herself a WWDLRD (What Would David Lee Roth Do?) charm bracelet, which I thought was the best take I was going to see on that particular trend. Until now.

Which Would Jesus Do? asks the only real question: When given a choice between two hot, scantily-clad women, who would he boff? Like the truly ecumenical being He is, He lets you, the viewer, decide. Every day, there’s a challenger coming up (heh) against the current champ. That winner then moves on to the next day, etc. Not complicated.

website-whichwouldjesusdoOne nice touch is the comments section, where the King of Kings and his disciples debate the relative merits of the ladies in question (not to mention, where else can you see the Holy Ghost ask why it never gets any ass?). The only mystery here is who is behind the site. Not exactly critical stuff, but I was a Theological student for two years, and those future priest types can make God jokes like nobody’s business. Or maybe…?

Prepare for the second coming.