Ramones- Raw – Review


Ramones Raw (Image)
by Brian Varney

Ramones Raw feels, at times, more like a closet-cleaning effort than the truly cohesive documentary it aims to be. Compiling live footage from the band’s history with poorly-shot, perpetually out-of-focus home video footage of the band on tour, backstage, in the van, etc., the feature presentation itself runs about an hour and a half. As a band documentary, it doesn’t really work. The live footage varies pretty drastically in quality, but the good stuff is tremendous. The other footage, which I guess is supposed to cast a light into the band’s life while not playing music, is frankly pretty boring. Not much happens, the sound and picture quality are poor, and after a few of these segments, you’ll find yourself reaching for the remote to skip to the next live clip.

The real action on this DVD can be found in the bonus features. In addition to presenting a complete shit-hot 1980 live show (which is excerpted throughout the regular program), you get a generous selection of TV appearances spanning the band’s history, including live performances, interviews, and even the band’s appearance on Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

If you don’t mind skipping around to cherry-pick the good parts, Ramones Raw might be worth your time. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for more of a cohesive documentary-type experience, you might be better served waiting for the DVD release of the other Ramones documentary, End of the Century.