Slumber – Fallout – Review


Fallout (Candlelight)
by Scott Hefflon

Sweet! Reminds me of a band called Rapture (NOT The Rapture, the trendy electro suckfest), who a couple dozen of us liked, and most everyone else panned, the bastards. Slumber is basically doom, with no apologies for atmospheric keyboards, angelic counterpoint to the distant monster bellow, and piano and acoustic guitar tinkering amidst the droning and jangling guitar. No clean vocals, or I’d liken it to Opeth even more, and it’s not so riff heavy. Perhaps more like early Amorphis, which was more doom powerchording. This has the potential to win over tons of metal fans sick of hardcore kids howling’n’harmonizing, wanting something mighty, something noble and solid like a fuckin’ lone castle on the hill at dusk. Try to convince Candlelight US to support this one with an mp3 track.