Mnemic – The Audio Injected Soul – Review


The Audio Injected Soul (Nuclear Blast)
by Martin Popoff

Mnemic have lived down those Fear Factory comparisons and turned in a masterpiece that melds all modern metal styles – which may be too much to handle for an easily-confused metal market (remember Night In Gales? Darkseed?). Fact is, this is insanely artistic, highly-progressive Swedish thrash (although the band hail from Denmark), with industrial elements pushing it over the top, well into the realm of artsy high-concept futuro-metal. There’s a seductive Soilwork vibe as well, even if the industrials have given the band more of an angular sound. There’s also some spiffy new world-beating audio technology called 3 Dimensional Sounds, which Mnemic managed to get involved with because the guy who invented it comes from their town. But even without the gimmicks, this is a band to watch, given their progressive positioning at the upper spectrum of melodic death, both performance and production-wise.