Dirty Children – Shut Off the World – Review

dirtychildren200Dirty Children

Shut Off the World
by Scott Hefflon

And the cycle continues. If you missed (or if you miss) Bif Naked, back up to the bar rock daze and you have Dirty Children. Wicked strong ’80s rock vibe and big choruses, shitty bar rock guitar rock sound, and a sexy singer who breathes and cooes and lets her voice catch every other word, because that’s what people think is sexy. It’s also called overkill, song after song, when you use the same “I sound hot, huh?” tricks a dozen times a song. But, of course, rock’n’roll needs one or two Bif Naked’s around at any given time (NY Loose were better, as were Fluffy, but they’re long gone, and The Shocker are more rock than sex kitten and haven’t caught on like they shoulda), so this’ll do just fine.